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My name is Marilyn Sorin, creator of Bibs 4 Adults. My business originally began as Dining Designs, formed in 1998. I was approached by a friend with Multiple Sclerosis who asked me to make her a pleasant yet functional adult dining bib to wear when eating. Since that time, I’ve recognized how useful adult bibs are as clothing protectors. When I make bibs for adults, I design them with fashion in mind and make them a practical size. My friend’s request started out as a small favor, but her needs are no different than so many others, and now I can reach out to more people with a solution.

Bibs4adults.com has seen great results with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I love being able to satisfy the needs of others, no matter how small my service may seem—although the ability to eat without worry is actually a big blessing. That’s why I make handmade, high-quality bibs that are easy to use and clean. My site also has a page with links to resources for learning more about disabilities and old age. There are many ways we can help our loved ones; one great way is to share your experiences with others and learn from them in turn. I enjoy being involved in the effort of making lives easier.

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