Adult Bibs – Clothing Protector

Made for easy travel, easy cleaning, durability, and fashion, our products provide an easy solution for an annoying problem. All our adult bibs have crumb catchers and Velcro attachments. To clean, just rinse or wipe off! Way easier than changing soiled clothing.

Bib Size: 14″ wide by 27″ long
Custom orders are welcome!
We offer discounts for bulk orders!

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If you’re looking for adaptive clothing for the messy eater, these adult bibs and clothing protectors make perfect gifts for:

Eating disabled: MS, Blind, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Strokes, etc.
Elderly citizens
Guys with ties
Messy Eaters of all Ages
Eating in the Car
Eating in lounge chair in front of TV
Craft Projects
Feeding Babies
Applying Make-up


I have been looking for adult bibs for my boyfriend’s mother for quite some time. She is 89 & completely bedridden now, but always comes to the family tasble for dinner – the table she’s presided over so graciously for many years.

I wanted to find something thst was not only functional, but that looked like Ann. Everything that I found was so institutional looking. And then I found your site. I found 3 bibs that looked just like the kind of thing Ann would have worn, placed my order & received them about 5 days later. Everyone was thrilled.

It may seem silly to carry on over something like a bib…but the story you offer on your websitere: how you started your business tell me that you know how improtant is is to hold on to your loved one in every way. For my boyfriend and his family, seeing Ann “dresser” in bright colors and pretty patterns th way she used to be was a powerful thing. Thank you for letting me give them that gift.

with many thanks and best wishes for the ongoing success of your company.

Jennifer Sobbins