Month: April 2019

Bankruptcy: Is it possible to get rid of a student loan?

A student loan has been granted to you to perfect your education and you are suddenly overwhelmed by debts? Bankruptcy obviously seems like a viable option, however do you know that this action will not eliminate all of your debt? If such an eventuality arises, what will happen with...
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What is a Debt Trap?

Debt trap? Debt trap is a more familiar and used term for a debt spiral . This is a situation where an individual or even a whole family is unable to pay their creditors’ obligations. Which leads to penalties or other obligations by taking additional loans. The total amount...
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What is a Consolidation Mortgage Loan?

What is a consolidation mortgage loan? A consolidation loan may turn out to be a remedy for all those who pay off several loans and are not satisfied with the conditions under which it is carried out. It allows you to create an individual offer and reduce the installment....
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