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Home entertainment has reached new heights after the pandemic. What better way to show off your home improvement plans and improved cooking skills than by inviting your friends and family to dinner or a barbecue?

Lying on a gap is fine, but to really score style points, presentation is essential. In terms of table setting, it starts with a tablecloth.

In addition to protecting your table surface from stains and spills, a gorgeous tablecloth forms the backdrop for anything you place on it. They are available in every imaginable theme and size to fit square, oval, rectangular and round tables.

They say you eat with your eyes first, and our selection of stylish tablecloths will certainly create a visual feast to whet your appetite.

It sounds obvious, but before you buy, take the time to properly measure your table, including how far you want the fabric to fall on either side or all around. The shorter runs are suitable for families with young children, while the longer ones give a sense of luxury and will help make your surroundings look chic and restaurant-worthy – without the hassle of booking.

From easy-to-clean waterproof vinyl designs for your BBQ fiesta to delicate styles suitable for VIP dinners only, we’ve rounded up the best to make shopping as easy as possible.

See our edition of the best tablecloths below

Monsoon Lemon Tablecloth


Perfect for summer, this lemon print tablecloth is a perfect square, measuring 42 x 42cm, which means it will fit well on square and circular tables. It’s just begging to share bowls of pasta and freshly baked focaccia to place on it. Made from a blend of cotton, viscose and linen, machine washable.

Summerill & Bishop Small Flower Market Linen Tablecloth

Measurements: 250x165cm

Summerill & Bishop

If bold prints are your thing, Liberty has it all. The Summerill & Bishop’s tablecloth is exclusive to the iconic London store and is inspired by flowers from England and Europe. There are more pansies, buttercups, hollyhocks, cosmos, pink daisies and forget-me-nots than your average RHS Flower Show display. The kaleidoscopic tablecloth is 100% linen, which makes it ideal for the summer months.

Also available in medium (300 x 165 cm, £ 325) and large (380 x 165 cm £ 375).

Tablecloth with pompoms

Measurements: 137x229cm


A clean, solid white tablecloth is upgraded with the simple addition of a pom pom trim. It works well on its own or layered over more colorful fabric for added impact. The rectangular 100% cotton fabric is super light to the touch of a bed sheet, which means it doesn’t take long to iron. Also available in XL, which measures 150 x 250cm.

Celia Digby Welsh Meadow Water Resistant Outdoor Garden Tablecloth

Measurements: from 140cm x 140cm

Celia Digby

Channeling the awe-inspiring beauty of Welsh nature, this outdoor tablecloth is just the ticket to creating a gorgeous alfresco dining scene. It’s made from waterproof fabric, so it will be able to withstand downpours and protect your table if the skies open up (it’s England, after all). While you can wipe it clean, it’s also machine washable for extra care. Available in a selection of sizes and you can request a hemmed center hole to accommodate a parasol.

H&M Home Block Pattern Tablecloth

Measurements: 140x180cm

H&M Home

Feel transported to the Mediterranean with H & M’s blue and white block patterned tablecloth, which offers a Moorish vibe. The woven cotton design is finished with tassels at each corner.

La Redoute Perfect Time Patterned Tablecloth with Anti-Stain Treatment

Measurements: from 150x150cm

The Redoubt

Simple, cheerful and with a stain resistant finish, this polka dot tablecloth is a great all-rounder for all kinds of occasions. Add golden cutlery to take up the mustard hues of the pattern

Avenida Home Paisley Linen Tablecloth

Measurements: 150x200cm

Avenida House

Pop plain white tableware with a sizzling sheen linen tablecloth, courtesy of Avenida Home. Sporting a bold cashmere, peacock and crane print, it offers a themed aesthetic perfect for maximalist guests.

Rosalind Wheeler Acosta Porcelain Tablecloth

Measurements: from 90x150cm

Rosalind Wheeler

There’s no need to sacrifice style when it comes to PVC tablecloths. They can look as chic as this version of Rosalind Wheeler. The PVC coating on the cotton means it is not hemmed, but the finish prevents the edges from fraying so you can even cut this water resistant fabric to size if any of the three proposed dimensions is not quite correct.

Graham & Green Mexicana Tapestry Print Tablecloths

Measurements: from 150x150cm

Graham & Green

A treasure trove of interior gems, Graham & Green offers cool and quirky housewares on the fly. This square tablecloth is a steal at just £ 25. With its Mexican motif, it’s the perfect setting for Tuesday tacos. Made from 100% cotton, it is dry cleaned only and also comes in rectangular shapes to best fit your table.

Zara Striped Tablecloth

Measurements: from 150x150cm


Keep things boat shaped with a nautical-inspired cotton tablecloth from Zara Home. Low cost but high quality, it is made from renewable energy in the dyeing and washing processes, which helps to reduce CO2 emissions. Also available in a larger size (150 x 250 cm), accommodating up to eight guests.

Eleanor Bowmer Sunset Palms Oilcloth Tablecloth

Measurements: 180cmx140cm

Eleanor Bowmer

Lay this PVC oilcloth on tables at dinner time to protect your surfaces, or use it to minimize mess when crafting or baking. It is full of tropical vibe thanks to the pattern of hand-painted peach-colored palm trees on an olive green background.

Lily Manor Lansdale Strawberry Thief Tablecloth

Measurements: from 132 x 132 cm

Manoir des Lys

William Morris’ classic Strawberry Thief print is on-call to bring your dining table to life with its riot of jewel-toned color. The hemmed design is made from 100% cotton, so it should go well in the washing machine – but be sure to run an iron over it before tossing it on your tables. Several sizes available.

Bopp Tablecloth Gray Canora

Measurements: 150x215cm

Canora Gray

This contemporary patterned polyester tablecloth is a lovely choice to roll out for special occasions, like birthdays and reunions. It is also easy to maintain, just put it in the washing machine to keep it looking new.

Vichy tablecloth with 4 napkins

Measurements: 137x229cm


Trends can come and go, but gingham is forever. The classic summer tile is the perfect pattern for simple and healthy family dinners and will add a touch of sunny yellow to your table. Best of all, it comes with four matching napkins. Smart casual in terms of tablecloth.


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