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Homeowners don’t have to invest a lot of money in renovations to give their dining rooms an impressive makeover.

If the kitchen is the heart of the house, the dining room can be like one of its arteries. The ambiance created in the kitchen spreads to the dining room where family and friends gather to eat and enjoy the company of others

Dining rooms can get lost in the home improvement overhaul, as many homeowners tend to focus on remodeling kitchens and bathrooms instead. Homeowners don’t have to invest a lot of money in renovations to give their dining rooms an impressive makeover. Here’s how to do it on a budget.


• Lighten and brighten. Dining rooms
were once very formal spaces. Dark
wood, large furniture, oversized chandeliers and other details could
are found in many homes. But now that
houses are built with an open floor
plans, dining rooms can blend in with other
spaces, which have moved to lighter-colored walls, floors and furniture
a vibrant coat of paint can work wonders
and it doesn’t cost much if you can’t
remove a floor cover it with a
colorful carpet.
• Change things up with covers.
The covers can be changed every season
to radically change the look of a dining room
room for little investment. Covers too
protect chairs and can be easily washed after spills.
• Add floating shelves. Floating shelves
provide much needed storage or display
space without the need to invest in

another piece of furniture. It depends on
the shelves, they can work in a modern style
design drawings or even farm
dining areas.
• Get rid of the clutter. It might be time to
say “goodbye” to this cabinet of curiosities
and the trinkets it contains Curio and
Chinese wardrobes were de rigueur, but
many people now prefer more open
and spacious dining rooms For those who
want to keep the wardrobe, try to declutter
inside to include only the best display parts and see if the cabinet can be
finished with paint or a lightly colored
• Improve lighting. Make the chandelier
the space statement piece. Go
for a bold color or an innovative design.
Then add accessories throughout the
space that coordinates with the chandelier.
• Add benches for those who need them
additional seats may not have to be obtained
brand new furniture Exchange some
chairs for benches that can accommodate a couple
more guests than chairs
• Create depth with HGTV color says
than using different shades of the same
color in a space can add depth. Coordinate curtains, walls, seating fabrics and
accessories for a coherent design.

Renovating a dining room does not require a large investment of time and money. A few simple steps can give dining rooms a whole new feel without exploding homeowners’ budgets.

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