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The Elements bar and restaurant in Warrnambool has been redesigned to include a new family dining room with an indoor play center. The new offering is located in the former Mid City Motel reception hall and separate from the original restaurant, which remains popular with its regular diners. Marketing director Lauren Orero said the family dining room and “playhouse” have received positive reviews since opening. “The indoor play equipment has really caught people’s interest, but we’ve also had really good feedback on the food,” Ms. Orero said. “We’re really excited about this. We’re already talking about bringing in lunch.” Ms Orero said the reception hall was an “undeveloped area just sitting there”. “It’s likely to evolve even more now that we know the demand is there,” she said. “We are really excited and I think the menu meets the needs of everyone there, as well as the current atmosphere of the restaurant.” She said the new family dining room was born in the wake of COVID. “It was (owner) Gene’s idea to bring in the indoor play center and it was set up in about a week,” Ms. Orero said. “It was put in place during COVID. I think a lot of people took this time to sit down and assess their businesses and see how you could reappear a lot better than before.” The menu has also changed and now features an American flavor, including 12-hour cherry smoked beef brisket, applewood pork ribs, burgers, bison wings and hot stone steaks. IN OTHER NEWS: She said parents can have dinner right outside the play center, which is aimed at children ages two and up. Ms Orero said the acoustics of the old reception hall helped absorb sound and meant it was comfortable and enjoyable for parents to dine while their children played nearby. The venue has had a number of group and family bookings since the COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, she said. “We wanted to provide a place for the locals to use, not just the customers of our motels,” Ms. Orero said. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:


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