Slurping Turtle closes up to 8 weeks for dining room renovation


ANN ARBOR, MI – Slurping Turtle restaurant has temporarily closed to renovate its dining room.

The restaurant at 608 East Liberty St. is known for its ramen and sushi. He announced on social media that the shutdown would begin on September 29 and last for six to eight weeks.

“The world has changed the way it has had to operate under these unprecedented circumstances, and we are no different, which is why we have made the decision to temporarily shut down our service operations and will focus our attention on renovating our dining room, “restaurant officials said in a statement Twitter.

The renovations include new floors, lighting and kitchen equipment, as well as replacing the current communal table with high tables for six.

Persistent concerns over COVID-19 prompted the seat change, said Toshiki Yamada, floor manager and sushi chef at Slurping Turtle.

“It’s always very uncomfortable to approach the person next to you,” Yamada said, adding that the restaurant planned to keep the same or more seating capacity.

Staff shortages are also behind the temporary shutdown, Yamada said, adding that current employees are “so stretched”.

“There is no sustainability, no future in this,” he said.

Slurping Turtle will hire employees for 15 to 20 positions, including line cooks and service staff.

“When we reopen, we want to start over with a very strong staff,” Yamada said.

Slurping Turtle officials have said online the restaurant “won’t go away entirely” and are encouraging customers to research upcoming collaborations and pop-ups. Upcoming collaborations include those with Side Biscuit and Knight’s Restaurant, which is located just down the street from Slurping Turtle.

Visit the Slurping Turtle Facebook page here.

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