Steak ‘n Shake replaces dining room staff with self-service kiosks



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(WJW) – The next time you visit Steak ‘n Shake, things might look a little different.

In a letter to investors, CEO and Chairman of Biglari Holdings, Sardar Biglari, said the channel “is in an era of radical transformation”.

He explained that restaurant customers will have a new way of ordering.

“What will be most obvious to our returning customers is that instead of ordering at the table, or even a counter with an attendant, our customers will now initiate their transaction at a kiosk,” Biglari wrote.

He went on to say that in previous years paying for Steak ‘n Shake servers was too expensive. Biglari claimed that food preparation often takes too long and that “running table-service dining rooms is a waste of money.”

Biglari adds that the switch to the kiosk model will be expensive. It will cost between $ 100,000 and $ 200,000 to renovate and add new equipment to the chain’s more than 500 sites.

Steak ‘n Shake, like many other restaurants, has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The chain had to permanently close 57 stores and even started operating with a drive-through service in some stores.

While indoor restaurants have reopened in several states, Steak ‘n Shake has still closed its dining halls. Bilgari says reopening dining rooms with self-service kiosks “will amplify profits.”

He added that this change will also be better for customers.

“We are embracing the efficiency and transition of the service model to enable our customers to place and collect their own orders,” Bilgari said.

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